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Pocket Node lets you start masternodes via a one-click setup.


About Us

We firmly believe in supporting cryptocurrencies as they should be, i.e. inclusivity for all participants irrespective of financial standing or technical knowledge. Bitcoin trading is turning out to be the current financial trend. With the emergence of bitcoin robots, the number of bitcoin traders have increased dramatically. Bitcoin bank is a widely used bitcoin robot that has been successful for various traders. Visit to learn more about this automated platform. This in mind, why should masternode creation be a complicated process requiring good level computer skills and endless YouTube streams? We think the crypto-ecosystem moves forward only after lowering the barriers to entry. Pocket Node lets you instantly start masternodes and provides the ability to support crypto networks easily. The power is in your pocket.

Terrific Interface

Pocket Node shows you all essential details of your masternode. You can check your masternode status, payout, active time, protocol version and alot more to closely track the status of your node investment.

Created with Ease in Mind

Our design allows a seamless flow of information and setup process to ensure everyone with a mobile and internet connection can run a masternode. Bid goodbye to complication methods.

Hello, Passive Income

Running masternodes allows one to support validations and transactions on blockchain networks in turn of rewards. Interest rates range from a few percent to hundreds; creating an opportunity to earn.

24/7 Support

We support blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and it comes out of passion to provide you the unconditional support anytime of the day. If you're serious about maximizing your crypto profits, it's crucial to stay up-to-date on the latest market trends and develop a solid investment strategy.


How to start a masternode using pocket node

Select Coin

Select from a list of registered coin.

Configure It

Deposit collateral coins.

Yay! Done

Start your masternode.


pocket node app screenshot
pocket node app screenshot
pocket node app screenshot
pocket node app screenshot
pocket node app screenshot
pocket node app screenshot
pocket node app screenshot
pocket node app screenshot
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The Pocket Node Team


Jake Greenbaum


Active in the cryptocurrency markets since 2016 and commonly known as “The Crypto King," Jake leads business development and marketing for Pocket Node. He graduated with a Finance and International Business degree from the prestigious Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and received a Jurors Doctorate from St. Thomas University.


Shaurya Malwa


Previously an influential writer on the subjects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Shaurya saw opportunity in building the infrastructure that supports the adoption of cryptocurrencies after spending six years observing and investing in the niche market. He is a graduate of Business and Economics from the University of Wolverhampton.



Crypto enthusiast, digital graphics wizard, entrepreneur, team builder, renewable energy super-fan and salesman thereof. Lover of this beautiful place we all call home.

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Setup & track your masternodes on the go.

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